Keeping a Consistent Brand, On and Off the Web

I’ll try to skip the obvious fact that YOU NEED TO USE THE SAME LOGO / LOGO-TYPE ON ALL OF YOUR PRINT & WEB MATERIALS! Sure, you may have a style guide that your designer created for your company (Oh, you don’t have one of these? Well then…click here!) that allows for different variations of your logo in specific applications, but for the most part, keep that puppy the same. Oh, and make sure you have a vector version of your logo on file. You’d be amazed how many of my clients don’t know what this is, or even that it exists. If your logo was created correctly, your designer should have the native vector file. The first thing that gets forwarded to me is usually a JPEG web file. Notgonnawork for most applications.

Ok, onward. Let’s talk about bringing your brand to other elements, besides your logo and web site. Too many times, I see companies shooting out e-newsletter campaigns that in no way represent their brand. It always looks like they picked some template file, removed the kitten rolling in rose petals, stretched their logo (disproportionately) across the top, centered the content and blammo!

Did your e-newsletter list even open that message? Did they even realize it was from your company? Probably not. I’d recommend putting the effort into having a custom e-newsletter template designed to communicate your brand. Once it’s designed, there’s usually no additional cost. You can just keep re-applying this design to all of your future messages, and change the content accordingly.

The same can be said for social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure the design elements on these pages that can be customized match your company logo, fonts, colors, etc…
Again, this only takes a couple hours of design work and it works wonders for branding.

Of course, your online brand is more than just your logo and design style. It’s also your tone and personality, but we’ll leave that subject for a different article…

I think that’s all I have for now. I hope you found this article helpful and of course we would love to help you communicate a consistent brand with this big, crazy world of ours. Interested in getting started? Shoot us a message, or give us a call.

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