Having a CMS (Content Management System):
If you’ve been exploring the possibility of having a web site built or redesigning your current site, chances are you heard the term “CMS” thrown around a lot. Often times, the client just smiles and nods as the developer blurts out all of these fun acronyms.

So what in tar-nations is a “CMS” and why would you ever want one? Well, it’s simple. It’s a great system (“S”) for you to manage (“M”) the content (“C”) on your web site all by yourself!

Back in the olden days, if a client wanted to have the ability to update their own website without the help of their web developer, they would need to invest thousands into software. Now, most Content Management Systems are built right into your monthly hosting package. They allow you to create custom forms to collect site visitor info, create and edit photo galleries, edit text, embed videos, create blogs (like this awesome example), insert podcasts, accept payments, blah-blah-blah…you get the idea. It’s everything you need as a small business owner, right at your fingertips. Did I mention that you can edit your site from anywhere in the world using a web browser? Yeah, you can.

With a CMS, you can avoid common problems like outdated website content, reliance on a third party developer (like me) and the limitation of managing your site from one location.

So here comes the shameless plug:
If you’re ready to redesign your site, there’s no real reason not to have it developed with a CMS. You can easily keep your site content up-to-date, save on maintenance costs and boost your search engine results by switching over. If you’re REALLY ready to enhance your site, you can even have a built-in E-Commerce shopping cart and a CRM (<-----here's another fun one we can discuss later). Contact us today to learn more!

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