7 Strategies To Help Your Online Video Marketing Beat The Competition

  • AUTHOR: RyanAlexander
  • 08/01/2014
7 Strategies To Help Your Online Video Marketing Beat The Competition

Online video marketing is now a must if businesses want to have effective communications with the majority of their target consumers. Studies have shown that text advertising is easily beaten by video clips showing and demonstrating any information that consumers should know and understand.

With billions of video advertising being produced monthly, it is a must to have the following video marketing strategies to ensure that the message in the advertisement reaches the most number possible of target recipients.

1. Where to Post Your Video Clips? – There are many choices – your website, video sharing sites, social network sites or other blogs. Specific examples of these sites are: You Tube, Hulu, Google Video, Revver, Blip.tv, or Facebook and many more. Some of these sites have their own terms of use that should be complied with or risk having your video rejected.

2. Provide Excellent Content – The right content is determined by the target audience as well as the message and information you want to convey within a short period of time. Currently, the average length of online videos is only about two minutes. Some content that could be interesting to your audience are: answers to the most asked questions about your products or services or case studies that will show the audience what they can achieve by using your product.

3. Capture Viewer Interest within a Few Seconds – It’s important to make the viewer interested enough to stay within a few seconds of the video. With many videos waiting to be seen, the first few seconds is crucial whether the viewer will see the video to the end or not.

4. Optimize Your Video – Start from creating an attention-grabbing title that includes the main keyword or the name of your product. Then apply all other techniques to rank high in the search engines.

5. Allow Embedding and Syndication – Include your URL in the video or provide links in the description and tags.

6. Comply with Rules in Sites Where Videos will be Posted – Non compliance could make your video end up on Hold or in the trash bin.

7. Promote Your Video – Don’t just rely on the online searchers to view your online marketing video. You should also target those who are not searching your products or services. Seeing the video might interest them to try the product being advertised. Submit to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Reddit, etc. If you have an email list, tell them about your video. Promote the video in forums and discussion boards and make sure to actively participate in the exchange of ideas, comments and other inputs from those who have viewed the video.