seo tipsIn this day and age, everyone has an online presence through a social media account. Whether it’s a Facebook profile, an Instagram full of delicious food pictures, or a Twitter with as many hashtags as will fit into the 140 character limit. But as a small business owner you may be asking what social media has to do with your company. Or, more importantly, what social media can do for your company.

In fact, many things!

Look at it this way: the global online audience is massive, and it’s a great way to generate new leads. Global mobile traffic accounts for about 10% of all Internet traffic, with customers all over the world searching for products left and right. According to Pew Internet, 58% of people have researched a service or product online, and when it comes to SEO marketing, social media is a huge opportunity.

Simply put, because of the sheer amount of people online there is a huge market to broadcast your business. Here are some SEO tips on how social media can benefit small companies.

1. You can spread your reach faster
Social media gives you the ability to put your brand and services right on the table for everyone to see. If you have multiple active social media accounts, soon potential clients will share your content and the word will spread. But remember, if you don’t have a website with engaging web design, you won’t be able to convert visitors, no matter how often your content gets shared.

2. You can boost your local SEO performance
One of the best SEO tips for small businesses is to use social media marketing to boost your local visibility. If you have social media accounts with a high volume of traffic, it sends a strong signal to Google. That means your business will be more prominent when a potential customer looks for something in their area. Plus, over 60% of online customers say they consider local search results to be more trustworthy and relevant than the larger, more nationwide brands they see online.

3. Social media allows for targeting
Social media offers ads that can be targeted to clients by age, gender, education level, and even past purchase history. No other form of advertising or marketing lets you target potential customers with such precision.

Small businesses all over the country are already using these SEO techniques to convert more leads online. Keep these SEO tips in mind, and your business will also be reaping all the positive benefits SEO has to offer!

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