website optimizationWe all know that in our Internet-powered world, SEO marketing is not only powerful but necessary for any small business to gain visibility online. When properly done, SEO services can make your company look like a big fish in the large pond of Google. As long as you have a little dedication and patience, SEO will improve your website optimization and your search engine presence will build. But what is SEO, exactly? Here is a beginner’s guide.

The goal:

  • Boost visibility through algorithms, keyword placement, and quality onsite content.
  • Focusing on the user by implementing an easy user experience including responsive web design, which makes it easier for the potential consumer to read and navigate your site across a wide range of devices.
  • Let Google know what you are all about so they can use your business in relative searches!

Baking a lasagna:
The best way to think about your website is in terms of a cheesy, meaty lasagna. There are five basic components of your website cake:

  1. Content
  2. Info architecture
  3. Platform
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Social media and link building = the icing on the top

With these details in mind, think of SEO as your sauce. Without it, your lasagna wouldn’t taste too good, would it? Every ingredient in the dish is important, but it is the SEO that ties everything together.

Getting Google to like your lasagna
Think of it this way: not everyone likes lasagna, but you will do everything that is in your power to make your guests enjoy it. So how do you do this? By concentrating on a few details of your website optimization:

Good, quality content– Having relevant keywords, lengthy text, and appropriate titles will help the cause. Is the content relatable and easy to read? If anything looks too spammy, get rid of it.

Performance– is your website optimized for mobile? Is it fast?

Think with the user in mind– Is your logo displayed on every page? Is your contact information easily accessible? Is it easy to travel from page to page without getting lost? What is the bounce rate, meaning how long does someone stay on the page before they leave? Always, always design your website with customer experience in mind, or else no one will stay!

Simply put, SEO is meant to work for you.It can be a beautiful partnership, so get ready to serve your lasagna and call our professionals today!

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