Which Matters More in Content Creation, Quality or Quantity?

  • AUTHOR: C@tViz_S3O
  • 07/11/2018
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Which Matters More in Content Creation, Quality or Quantity?

When companies contemplate important questions like how to improve website performance, boost website SEO, or increase website conversions, it often comes down to the content that’s posted on the site. This is especially true when it comes to company blogs, seeing as how 57% of businesses have gained a new customer because of their blog. But one of the most debated questions regarding content creation is which matters more, quality or quantity of content? This article aims to answer that exact question.

Why Quality Matters
When businesses begin creating content for their site, they need to ensure it is relevant and intriguing to their audience. This is where quality comes in — content should be developed to relate to a specific audience and provide information they’d be interested in. Not only should content quality be relevant to the audience, but if more viewers spend more time on the site reading the quality, the site could see a decreased bounce rate. When content is created with quality in mind, the site will see more traffic, which means more business. Whether it’s moving up in the search engine rankings or gaining more customers, the quality of the content on a site plays a major role in how many people are not only visiting the site but staying and taking action after reading the content.

Why Quantity Matters
Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that if they produce high-quality content, they don’t have to post as often. While there is such a thing as posting too often, there needs to be a good balance. If businesses post too infrequently, they won’t be providing readers with enough content to keep them coming back — which shows the importance of quantity. When businesses post new content on a regular basis, they’re giving web users a reason to continue coming back to the site, meaning more traffic for the site. Additionally, more content means a higher chance of the content reaching a larger audience, which would, again, increase site traffic. Overall, having more content on the site gives both viewers and search engines more content to look through.

So, is the quality of content creation more important than the quantity of content creation? Or vice versa? Ideally, great content marketing will have a good mix of high-quality content posted in a well-balanced quantity. Both quality and quantity need to be considered when creating and posting content. Content creation is not always an easy task — but with some trial and error, as well as with the help of SEO services, businesses can find the perfect balance.