content creationSearch engine optimization is a vital step for any small business that wants to boost its visibility in the world of search engines. Now that the holidays are approaching, it is more important than ever to make SEO a top priority on your to-do list. With more and more consumers shopping online, optimizing your SEO and website design for the holidays is a must. Here are some helpful SEO tips and tricks that will help you maximize your online traffic this holiday season.

Analyze the current state of your SEO
Before you start writing content and choosing keywords, you need to figure out the current state of your SEO. Make sure to explore which pages on your website are yielding the best search results, and cross-check these with your top performing keywords. This will give you a good idea of exactly where you stand and where you can go from there.

Know your keywords
Ask yourself this question: “What keywords do I rank for?” Make a list of the already top performing keywords on your website, and then add some holiday-specific words to the list. This will help your business attract new customers during the holiday season, and looking on GoogleTrends will help you determine what words to incorporate.

Write now, not later
Content creation is pivotal to the success of your keywords! Put them to good use and invest in quality content creation that will not only be great for website optimization but will pique a client’s interest and keep them on your site for longer. Remember, the longer you wait to develop content creation, the longer it will take for the keywords to take effect! A full 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog, so start writing today.

Leave hints
Customers are always looking for the best deals for their purchases. So set up holiday preview pages to hint what is to come in the following days and weeks. Doing this will create excitement among your clients, and will do wonders for your SEO as these pages will work to help build links and begin ranking on relevant holiday searches.

The holidays aren’t over yet, so keep your eyes peeled for our holiday tips and tricks part 2 post!

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