web designWhen your SEO marketing is going well, and you are climbing in the search rankings, you likely feel optimistic about your business. But when your traffic suddenly drops, it can be discouraging to say the least. Fortunately, there is usually a reason for this drop. You may be able to rescue your search engine marketing by considering these simple causes of ranking dips.

  1. Your website development changes aren’t working.
    Changes in web design are meant to improve your digital marketing strategy, but sometimes they do the opposite. Take a look at your analytics over time to pinpoint when your traffic decreased. If it correlates with your redesign, make small adjustments until your traffic starts to climb again.
  2. Google updated its algorithm
    Major search engine updates often decide how your web page ranks. One day you could be coasting in the number three spot, and the next you could be pushed to page two. Carefully look at the details of this new system to see what you need to change.
  3. Could Google be mistaking your content for spam?
    Many businesses design multiple sites to increase their web presence and chances of appearing on page one of Google. But when these sites are too similar, Google’s site crawlers might flag your pages as duplicate content. This results in a ranking punishment.
  4. Your competition boosted their SEO
    While this is out of your control, it does happen. If your closest competitor recently improved their SEO techniques, they might simply be overtaking you and stealing your page visitors. This just means that you will need to step on the gas as well.
  5. Your keywords are getting stale
    If you have been using the same keywords in your web design and content for as long as you can remember, they might just not be relevant anymore. Work with an SEO company to select better keywords and see if that gets you the boost you need.

Remember that it can be tricky to pinpoint one root cause of search ranking dips. But since 82% of consumers use search engines to find information about local small businesses, it’s certainly worth your time to do so. This is why it’s important to work with a qualified team of SEO analysts. They will take an objective look at your website and create a plan to improve your digital marketing. And that might just be the jump start you need.

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